Integrated Collaborative Care Teams for Youth With Mental Health and/or Addiction Challenges (YouthCan IMPACT)

Update Il y a 3 ans
Reference: NCT02836080

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Among youth, the prevalence of mental health and addiction (MHA) disorders is roughly 20%, yet youth are challenged to access services in a timely fashion. To address MHA system gaps, this study will test the benefits of an Integrated Collaborative Care Team (ICCT) model for at-risk youth with MHA challenges. In partnership with community agencies, adolescent psychiatry hospital departments, and family health teams, investigators have developed an innovative model of service provision involving rapid access to MHA services. This model will be implemented and compared to the usual treatment youth receive in hospital-based, outpatient, mental health clinics in Toronto. A rapid, systematic, approach to MHA services geared to need in a youth-friendly environment is expected to result in better MHA outcomes for youth. Moreover, the ICCT approach is expected to decrease service wait-times, be more youth- and family-centred, and be more cost-effective.

Inclusion criteria

  • Mental Disorders,Addiction