Potential Use of Indocyanine Green as a Fluorescent Agent for Definition of Surgical Margins in Cancer

Update Il y a 4 ans
Reference: NCT01884584

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The surgeon may remove a very small amount of additional tissue compared to what would be removed if you were not enrolled in the study. This tissue may prove to contain tumor or it may contain normal tissue. The surgical cavity will be examined by a special laser pen after the tumor is removed, and if areas of fluorescence are seen, that may indicate tumor cells where the ICG dye collected are still remaining and the surgeon would then remove those. After the tumor and the tissue around it are removed and sent to the laboratory, the tissue may be examined using that same laser pen to see where the cancer cells are and compare that to what the laboratory sees when it looks at the tumor and tissue with a microscope. It is hoped that what the dye shows and what is seen with the microscope will be alike.

Inclusion criteria

  • Malignant Neoplasm