Podocyturia - Predictor of Renal Dysfunction in Fabry Nephropathy

Update Il y a 4 ans
Reference: NCT02994303

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In patients with Fabry disease, this research study explores the presence of podocytes in their urine as a potential non-invasive biomarker for baseline kidney disease; and explores changes in the quantity of podocytes in their urine over time as a predictor for kidney disease progression. To accomplish this, the investigators will evaluate the quantification of podocytes in the urine of Fabry disease patients at baseline and longitudinally over time. This study requires a single patient visit, during which the patient provides a urine specimen. The research team will then collect the patient's kidney function data proximate to the time of urine collection, and follow the patient's kidney function data longitudinally over the five years of this study by reviewing their medical charts. The study offers no interventions.

Inclusion criteria

  • Fabry Disease