Rasheed Ahmad, PhD Update Il y a 4 ans

Breathing & Mild Physical Exercise Therapy for Asthma Overall goal: To apply the investigators' well defined simple, few-minute breathing/ mild physical exercise program and evaluate its efficacy/benefits for the improvement of clinico-immunological outcome in obese patients with asthma. Rationale & Hypothesis: Different breathing exercise regimens currently recommended are not well defined and in certain cases may worsen dyspnea or even trigger an asthma attack. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the overall usefulness of a breathing exercise as a therapeutic intervention of asthma. In this regard, the investigators have designed an easy, few-minute breathing exercise program as a treatment modality for asthma and to evaluate its efficacy in improving associated clinico-immunological symptoms. The investigators hypothesize that the investigators' well-designed breathing/mild physical exercise intervention for obese patients will help alleviate the stress and symptoms of asthma by reducing the chronic low-grade systemic inflammation and thus potentiate the beneficial outcome of medication to render a better control over the disease and to improve the quality of life in obese patients. Clinical relevance/Significance: The investigators expect that their exercise module will help reduce inflammation caused by asthma, and thereby relieving symptoms of asthma. If successful, this would allow regular individualized exercise module to be recommended as a part of therapy for people with asthma, which could possibly reduce the dosage as well as frequency of taking medicine that they need.

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