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A Trial Comparing a Diet Including Products Aimed at Targeting Satiety This multi-centre, randomised controlled trial will be conducted over 24-weeks to evaluate the effect of a healthy diet supplemented with a product specifically developed (SATIN satiety products) to enhance feelings of satiety and reduce food intake after an initial weight loss period to assess weight maintenance. Participants will either receive the active SATIN product or a matched control product. The products contain ingredients which have been shown to positively affect satiety, satiation and/or body weight and are all accepted food ingredients approved for human consumption in Europe. They will be incorporated into different food matrices, e.g. drinks, shakes and cheeses. Corresponding control products without the active ingredients will be provided to participants allocated to the control group. The participants will be instructed in detail on how and when to consume the test products. Participants will be 300 adults (BMI >27kg/m2; Age>18years) who will be tested at three research sites (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom; University of Copenhagen, Denmark and University Rovira I Virgili, Spain). Recruitment will be divided between sites. Participants will attend assessments at one of the three research sites continually throughout the study period. The primary outcome will be weight maintenance after low calorie diet as assessed by weight, waist circumference, body composition (DXA), energy intake and subjective appetite assessments made at study test sessions. Secondary outcomes include assessing biomarkers of health outcomes (blood and urine indices), changes in physical activity as well as consumer benefits of the trial (assessed in a range of questionnaires) to determine diet efficacy.

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